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Chocolate & Co


A not-for-profit charity enterprise supporting vulnerable people in our community through chocolate for eating and drinking.


Drink Chocolate, Help People

The end result might be an expertly crafted hot chocolate that slows down the world and lets you enjoy the moment, but how we get there is a very different story. We believe that rich, gorgeous, sustainably produced cocoa isn’t just a gift from nature, but can also be used to give the most marginalised and overlooked people in our society a fresh start. That way, you’re not just choosing a hot chocolate but investing in someone else’s future as well.

At Chocolate & Co, all of our cocoa is sustainably produced and people and plant friendly. The result is a beautifully made drink that inspires change and creates new opportunities.

our story

We like to think that we’re changing the world one hot chocolate at a time.
sustainable cocoa to Fairly trading, we placed our passion for the planet at the front.
At Chocolate & Co, we didn’t just want to make delicious hot chocolate, but do some good as well, that’s why we took creating it in a different direction.From sustainable cocoa to fairly trading, we placed our passion for the planet at the front of what we do whilst also focusing on those who are all too often overlooked


Out of the devastation of losing two friends to addiction, came the desire to do something to prevent it happening to other people. We figured that as we knew a bit about chocolate and had seen the impact mental wellbeing can have, we’d bring the two together and offer a range of beautiful hot chocolate that also created training and employment opportunities for those struggling to recover from addiction and the cycle of offending.

Having someone believe in you can be transformational. It can build confidence and return self-worth. That why when you drink our hot chocolate, you’re also offering a second chance at a rewarding life to those who need it the most.




 There’s such stigma around this illness and a culture of deep shame for both the person living with it as well as their families. Addiction respects no age, gender, social class or family situation.


Dealing with addiction
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We know first-hand that work is transformational for many –  starting to enable a small sense of worth and value to grow, in a culture where shame and secrecy is the norm. We understand that it isn’t the complete or simple answer to the difficulty, but rather if taken as part of an overall holistic approach, can be part of a journey to health and freedom.

Losing our two friends had a huge effect on us and having seen the transformation in both of them whilst they were working, and the periods of stability they experienced during that time of employment, we felt we needed to try.

We now need your support, and with every purchase you make, you are helping others like Damien and Claire.

Thank you



Pouring Hot Chocolate


Telephone: 01904 946749

Chocolate & Co is a project of © 2022 Our Father’s Heart, a registered charity in England and Wales – registration no. 1175341. Registered address; Chocolate & Co, 4 Mansfield House, Lowther Street, York, YO31 7NB