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Can I recycle the product packaging?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Our aim is that all our packaging will be made from paper so can go in your home recycling bins. Until then, please dispose of with your general household waste.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet and to be honest, we may never, but we do ship our amazing drinking chocolate all around the UK, using Royal Mail. Postage costs are £3.50 and your order will take 3-5 days to reach you, so please plan ahead….you don’t want to run out and we aren’t around to take those middle of the night despairing calls when you’ve realised you’ve not got any in the cupboard!

Standard shipping uses Royal Mail’s 48 hour service which takes between 2-3 days – although like we said, at peak times this can be longer. You can keep an eye on it though through your tracking number which we’ll email to you once we’ve shipped your yummy chocs.

Please be aware that at peak times, the poor posties at Royal Mail are a little overwhelmed with the amount of our chocolate winging its way around the country and sometimes, it may take them a little longer than usual to get your parcel to you – do be patient, your postie needs your support… and maybe a delicious mug of hot chocolate.

Can I edit or cancel my order once it’s been placed?

Well, if you really need to, you can of course take the chance of emailing our customer service team – We say customer service team, but there’s only 4 of us running the whole thing, so we haven’t quite got a customer service team! Anyway, we are often busy in our cafe or out and about with our pod, so we may not get to your email in time, but we’ll do our very best – you could always reach out on social media as our hero who looks after that is far more organised than the rest of us… she’ll then call us to let us know, so we’ve then got a chance of getting to your order before it goes out.

Is your chocolate sustainably sourced?

YES! We want to shout about our chocolate because we really do think it is the very best to be found, EVER! We’ve carefully chosen the chocolates in our current range from a white 35% up to a 100% cocoa. It was a tough job to have to do all the tasting, but someone had to take one for the team – you can thank us later after you’ve tried it 😊 ALL of our range is created from exquisite, fine flavour single origin cocoa beans, which simply means it is all from the same country, or geographical region, so it has a very special flavour profile, unique to the area within which its grown.


What if there’s a problem with my order

Please get in touch with our customer service team by ( we keep saying it don’t we – it’s because you see it on everyone else’s websites and it sounds good) Anyway drop us a line if you’ve got a problem, (about the chocolate, not about that annoying family member or boss) and we’ll be happy to help sort it out for you.

Why don't you have more FAQ's?

Seriously, do you know how long it’s taken to write these? Lisa did come up with one about the properties in chocolate which made you feel the love stuff, but we outvoted her. Oh, and then there was the one about… Get in touch with us with any other questions via email or call 01904 946749

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Telephone: 01904 946749

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